Living Donors Are Needed

The greatest sacrifice… a living sacrifice, is also an incredible gift to the donor. Living organ donation remains our greatest passion, because this is where our organization started. As founders of Team Donate Life, both Jason and Kristen Weckworth (husband and wife) have each donated one of their kidneys to save a life.

There are many factors involved with living donation, the most important being the intention of any potential donor. This is a true act of love and generosity that should not be considered lightly.

But the joy is also overwhelming, and we know this firsthand. If you would like to talk to someone about your desire for living donation, please contact us at

In California, thousands of people are in need of kidney transplants. While many are successfully transplanted each year, the growing need exceeds the number of kidneys available from deceased donors.

Many Californians want to help but don’t know how. They may not know how living donation works, or may have heard that living kidney donors must be blood relatives of their recipients. And they may be surprised to know that some living kidney donors can help not just one, but many, people receive a new lease on life by initiating a chain of kidney transplants.

To read more about how living donation works, who can be a living donor and to assess your eligibility to become a living donor, please click here for more information click here.